Can Am Maverick Trail Review and Guide

Can Am Maverick Trail Review

Durability, safety, and reliability are some of the most important characteristics a side-by-side vehicle should have. In this Can-Am Maverick Trail review, I will take a closer look at features that make this SXS durable, reliable, and safe for use in off-road conditions.

Can-Am released several versions of the Maverick Trail in the last few years, but in this article, we’re going to focus on the latest 2022 Maverick Trail model. The manufacturer also offers an upgraded version of this model labeled Maverick Trail 2022 DPS that has slightly different features.

Both versions of this SXS vehicle are customizable, and you can add hitches, winches, snowplows, and various other accessories to them. However, our Can-Am Maverick Trail review will only cover the model’s core features.

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Key specifications of the Can-Am Maverick Trail

Engine 700/52HP/ Rotax® ACE single-cylinder liquid-cooled
Fuel delivery system Intelligent Throttle Control with Electronic Fuel Injection
Transmission  PDrive primary CVT
Drivetrain 2WD/4WD with auto-lock front differential
Towing capacity  1,500lbs
Fuel tank capacity 10 gallons
Brakes Dual 220mm discs brakes with hydraulic twin-piston calipers
Latest price  Check the latest price here

Core features of the Can-Am Maverick Trail

Can-Am released its first SXS vehicle a bit over a decade ago, but despite being relatively new on the market, the brand has already established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of side-by-side vehicles.

The first Can-Am Maverick hit the market in 2017, and the company keeps updating this series almost every year. These vehicles are designed primarily for trail riding, but their towing capacity and large cargo box storage enable you to use them for work, hunting, and various other purposes.

Although it lacks some of the features offered by high-end SXS vehicles, the 2022 Can-Am Maverick Trail is still a versatile model that performs equally well in all types of weather conditions. Go through our Honda Pioneer review if you want to compare these two SXS models.

Dimensions and design

The visual appearance of the latest Can-Am Maverick Trail model retains all key characteristics of earlier models. The 2022 version of this SXS vehicle is 118-inches long, 50-wide, and 69-inches tall, and it has the same dimensions as the 2018 Can-Am Maverick Trail.

The front grill went through a minor makeover, but the two 55W reflectors are still located at the same position.

The manufacturer lets you choose from a wide range of windshields, rear glass windows, and side wind deflectors so that you can select the options that are suitable for the context in which you’re going to use the vehicle.

Moreover, you can decide which rack or roof option best fits your needs and get accessories such as a gun holder or a spare tire holder. Unfortunately, the Can-Am Maverick Trail is only available in red color, so you have to opt for the Maverick Trail DPS if you want to have multiple color options at your disposal.

All versions of this vehicle have two adjustable seats that allow you to stay comfortable while riding through all types of terrains. Browse through our guide to ATV replacement parts if one of your vehicle’s components has stopped working.

Engine size, transmission, and drivetrain

2022 Can-Am Maverick Trail has a Rotax® ACE liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine that offers 52HP, 41ft/lbs of torque, and 700cc engine displacement. You should consider the Can-Am Maverick Trail DPS model if you’re searching for a vehicle that comes with a 1000cc and 75HP engine.

Even though it may seem that the engine on the 2022 Can-Am Maverick Trail lacks power, the vehicle doesn’t experience any difficulties on steep trails. Moreover, its Intelligent Throttle Control fuel system utilizes EFI to ensure smooth starts at cold temperatures.

The vehicle is equipped with a PDrive primary CVT with engine braking and electronic drive belt protection. However, its transmission system might struggle to handle heavy loads at low temperatures.

2022 Can-Am Maverick Trail has selectable 2WD, 4WD drivetrains, and it features a Visco-Lock front differential. Also, check out our guide to the best oil for ATV engines to learn more about engine oils you can use with Can Am’s ATVs, UTVs, and side-by-sides.

Towing and cargo-carrying capacities

Both versions of this SXS vehicle feature a sturdy profiled cage that is ROPS (Rollover Protection Structure) approved. When used with roof-mounted racks, the vehicle’s cage enables you to extend its cargo-carrying capacities.

The 2022 Can-Am Maverick Trail base model can carry up to 300lbs of weight in its cargo box, while its glove box, driver compartment, and cup holder offer an additional 5.3 gallons of storage space.

This SXS vehicle can tow loads that weigh up to 1,500lbs, but front and rear hitches and winches aren’t included on the list of its core features. However, you can include these accessories in the 2022 Can-Am Maverick Trail build you select.

Excellent towing capacity enables you to use this side-by-side to plow snow, hunt, or perform various other activities that involve moving heavy loads. Go through our Cub Cadet review to find out more about its features.

Suspension system

The latest version of the Maverick Trail features Double A-arm with sway bar front suspension and TTA (Torsional Trailing A-arm) rear suspension that ensures excellent ground-to-tire contact and makes steering the vehicle easier.

The front and rear twin-tube gas-charged shocks absorb bumps efficiently and allow you to ride through rough terrains with ease.

The front suspension can support up to 10-inches of travel, while the rear suspension offers 10.5-inches of travel, making the Can Am’s vehicle highly adjustable to different types of impacts.

Both versions of the Maverick Trail have the same suspension system, and you cannot change the shocks or front and rear suspension of factory models. Read our Can-Am Defender review to get more information about this Can Am’s UTV.

Wheels, tires, and maximum speed

The maximum speed the SXS vehicle can develop doesn’t exceed 60mph. However, the manufacturer advises against riding at high speeds or taking sharp turns as you might roll the vehicle over and damage some of its parts.

The latest version of the Maverick Trail has a 90.6-inch wheelbase, and it offers 10 inches of ground clearance. The model is equipped with 12-inch steel wheels that come with Carlisle ACT 26 x 8 x 12-inch tires.

These tires have a radial design that increases their traction and absorbs bumps efficiently. Even so, you should consider changing the 2022 Maverick Trail’s tires if you’re planning to use it in winter conditions.

Go through our guide to the best ATV tires for snow to explore different options you can use with this Can-Am model.

Steering system

The power steering feature isn’t available on the 2022 Maverick Trail, but it is included on the 2022 Maverick Trail DPS version of this vehicle. However, the base model of the latest Maverick Trail offers a variety of features that make steering easier.

The Electronic Hill Descent option is available in Sport and Eco modes, which makes it easier to control the vehicle while riding downhill. This model also has an adjustable steering wheel that allows you to find the most comfortable riding position.

The turning radius of the 2022 Maverick Trail is less than 20 feet, so you won’t have too much trouble maneuvering it on narrow trails. Browse through our guide to the best ATV gear if you’re searching for the equipment and accessories that can make using your vehicle safer.

Additional features

The 2022 Maverick Trail isn’t stacked with advanced features, but it still offers everything you need to enjoy an off-road ride. This model has a 4.5-inch display that allows you to monitor the current speed, the distance you’ve covered, or the fuel level.

The vehicle also has a 4WD indicator that informs you if the 4WD is engaged, as well as front and rear differential lock indicators. Its exterior is fitted with a front steel bumper and a full skid plate that protect its front and underside from damage.

Check out this guide to the best GPS for ATV trail riding if you want to upgrade the 2022 Maverick Trail’s navigation.

Price and warranty


Can-Am offers a 6-month BRP limited factory warranty for all models from its Maverick Trail series. The company allows you to prolong the service period for up to 30 months with its BEST extended service option that covers free repairs and replacements of the vehicle’s components.


The factory version of the 2022 Maverick Trail costs around $12,000 when delivery and logistics fees are included. However, adding accessories like trunk covers, defrost, heat and ventilation systems, or front bumpers can increase the vehicle’s price by more than $2,000.

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The pros of the Can-Am Maverick Trail

An excellent option for narrow trails

Like its predecessors, the Can-Am Maverick Trail is just 50 inches wide. Compact dimensions allow you to ride on trails that are too narrow for SXS models that are wider than 60 inches and make it easier to maneuver the vehicle.

Sturdy construction

This Can-Am side-by-side has a ROPS-approved profiled cage designed to minimize the damage if the vehicle rolls over. Moreover, the Maverick Trail comes with a steel front bumper and a skid plate that protects it from high-velocity impacts.

High towing capacity

Even though it is designed primarily as a trail SXS vehicle, this Can-Am model can tow loads that weigh up to 1,500lbs. Hence, you can use it as a hunting or utility vehicle because it allows you to transport heavy loads.

Lots of traction on challenging terrains

All versions of the 2022 Maverick Trail come with Carlisle ACT tires that improve their balance and stability. These tires also provide a high degree of traction and ensure that the vehicle can move over slippery patches of a trail.

Moderate pricing

The latest version of the Maverick Trail is less expensive than most models with similar performance capabilities produced by competing brands.

The cons of the Can-Am Maverick Trail



No Electric Power Steering

The Dynamic Power Steering feature isn’t available on the base model of the 2022 Maverick Trail, and you must get the 2022 Maverick Trail DPS if you want a vehicle that comes with an electric power steering system.

Expensive accessories

You will have to spend hundreds of dollars if you want to utilize the vehicle’s towing capacities because you must purchase a hitch and a winch separately. Most accessories for the 2022 Maverick Trail are expensive, and they increase the vehicle’s cost significantly.

Short warranty period

Can Am’s warranty for this model lasts only six months, and you must purchase the BEST service plan if you want to extend the warranty period.

The best alternatives to the Can-Am Maverick Trail

2021 TERYX4™ LE

The Can-Am Maverick is far from being the most powerful side-by-side vehicle on the market, and its 700cc, 52HP engine often can’t compete with engines featured on models produced by Polaris or Yamaha.

I’ve selected some of the best alternatives to the 2022 Maverick Trail, so let’s take a closer look at their features.

Polaris General 1000

You can choose from Sport, Premium, Deluxe, and Deluxe Ride Command versions of the Polaris General 1000. All versions of this side-by-side come with a 999cc, 100HP ProStar 1000 4-stroke twin-cylinder engine and an engine deceleration assist braking system.

The On-Demand True AWD/2WD/ VersaTrac turf mode and electronic fuel injection are also standard features on all models from this series. All versions of the General 1000 come with the automatic PVT transmission and hydraulic front and rear brakes.

Depending on the model you choose, these vehicles can have Maxxis Coronado, Pro Armor Crawler, or Dirt Commander tires and either 14-inch or 15-inch aluminum wheels.

Kawasaki TERYX 4 LE

The powerful engine, efficient fuel injection system and 1109lbs load capacity make Kawasaki TERYX 4 LE one of the best recreational side-by-side vehicles in its class. Its liquid-cooled 783cc, 4-stroke SOHC engine provides enough power to tow loads that weigh up to 1,300lbs.

The model is equipped with a DFI® fuel system that features two 36mm Mikuni throttle bodies, and it utilizes the TCBI electronic ignition system. The TERYX 4 LE has an automatic CVT transmission as well as a centrifugal clutch, and it uses a rack and pinion electric power steering system.

The Kawasaki model has four seats, and it is primarily used as a trail vehicle, and you should consider other options if you need a utility side-by-side.

Yamaha Wolverine X2 R-Spec 850

Although it is classified as a recreational side-by-side, the Yamaha Wolverine X2 R-Spec 850 is a true workhorse capable of handling loads that weigh up to 2,000lbs.

Yamaha’s Wolverine series contains a wide range of models, and you need to compare their features to find out which option best suits your needs.

The Wolverine X2 R-Spec 850 has an 847cc parallel-twin, 4-stroke DOHC engine and the Ultramatic V-belt transmission system equipped with an all-wheel engine braking feature. This model is available in two colors, and its price depends on the color option you choose.

Frequently asked questions

Question: How long does the Can-Am Maverick Trail last?

Answer: The first version of this side-by-side was released less than five years ago, so it is hard to tell if the vehicle can continue functioning at the same level for a decade. However, all signs suggest that this Can Am’s model can withstand years of heavy-duty usage.

Question: What type of fuel does the Cam-Am Maverick Trail use?

Answer: All versions of the Maverick Trail have gasoline engines, and you should use unleaded 91-octane gasoline as fuel for these vehicles.

Question: Which ignition system does the Can-Am Maverick Trail use?

Answer: The latest versions of the Maverick Trail are equipped with the Magneto 650W ignition system.

Question: Does the Can-Am Maverick Trail have a hitch receiver?

Answer: Yes, it does, but the hitch for this Can Am’s model is sold separately.

My verdict: Is the Can-Am Maverick Trail living up to expectations?

Can-Am is continuing to improve its already impressive Maverick Trail series by introducing features that improve the performance capabilities of these side-by-sides. The 2022 Maverick Trail models are agile, customizable, and easily adjustable to different needs.

Hence, you can opt to use these vehicles for recreational off-road riding or to transport large payloads. Arguably, the biggest downside of the base model is the lack of the dynamic power steering feature, even though its steering system is efficient enough to allow you to maintain control of the vehicle at all times.

In my opinion, the 2022 Can-Am Maverick Trail is living up to expectations, and it is a great investment for anyone who needs a narrow and easily maneuverable two-seat side-by-side vehicle. Was this Can-Am Maverick Trail review useful?

Let me know in the comments or continue reading our Can-Am Defender vs Polaris Ranger comparison to find out which of these UTVs is better.

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