Best ATV Tires for Snow: Which is Right For Your Needs

ATV fanatics tend to be sufficiently brave when it comes to fighting the most challenging deep mud. Yet somehow manage to succeed cleverly. However, this case is different in numerous ways when it comes to snow driving with ATVs. As you might have known from now, ATVs are very cool and enjoyable to drive in.

Please, don’t get it in the wrong way because snow is a varying beast to ATVs. Therefore if you go out in typical tires, your fun may be jeopardized, and you might be stranded on the trails. Wouldn’t you want that, right?   

Ponder about trying so hard to fight with logs during heavy snowfall and a stuck ATV with skidding tires. Aaaargh! Disgusting! The very last thing you’d want is having snow falling and flying everywhere when you are accelerating and not going anywhere! Fret no more, darling.

Get the best ATV tires for snow accordingly to ease and convenient work for you. Sometimes it is never about hard work, but having with you the perfect tools, right?  

Therefore selecting the ideal tires set for ATV plays considerable roles in typically improving your ATV’s performance to be firm atop on the naughtiest deep snow. With the best ATV tires for snow, you will see pure magic in your ATV.

These snow tires will help you get upped control and traction in snow, hence having all Winter rides cool. Just how it is supposed to be. You will inarguably enjoy this article, and we bet it. Read ahead too for our top pick for the best ATV tires for snow. Why don’t we start right away? 

Why do you need to get the best ATV tires for snow? 

Regular tires for ATV can do well in any essential weather condition. However, wider tires help you get that excellent glide; hence you don’t look goofy on snow.

The problem comes when there’s wet or even fresh snow. Hence should you reside in places that experience heavy snowfall from time to time, you need to get ATV tires that have snowmobiles and tracks. Never mess up with this. Traction is crucial here if you need to get the job well done without jeopardizing the fun experience. 

How to get the best ATV tires for snow 

Seasons change year in year out. Therefore it is wise to be comprehensively equipped with all seasonal change challenges. With falling tree leaves in Winter, it is best to be afloat. Numerous tires usually adapt well to various conditions such as rainy, muddy, and even dry seasons.

Nonetheless, with piling snow that can typically go knee-deep, there’s no way out. You need to have the best ATV tires for snow. Via doing so, you’re going to extract ultimate season enjoyment and still work if need be. 

When riding on your ATV at the onset of seasonal snowfall, it might not be a daunting task to go uphill at the start. However, with time, heavy snowfalls will need you to have ideal tires set. That said, below are certain factors you need to consider while looking for the best ATV tires for snow. 


All ATV tires eventually will determine the ply rating in those tires. They usually range from about 2 to 6 ply. Therefore the more ply count; then the more, the stronger those tires are. Consequently, you will be enjoying additional aggression and traction in deep snow conditions.  

Terrain and Weather Condition 

Understandably there are various tires for your ATV; therefore, it’s crucial to know the conditions that make you choose your ATV. Depending on the tire you are looking for, you might even get a perfect fit that is cheap and does a perfect job. It is noteworthy that not every manufacturer curates all-season tires. Some are specific to mud tires, others road, and even all-purpose tires. 

Here, you need to get rigid ATV tires that possess a substantial radical paddle for powering via deep snow. Such tires need extra traction because of the tires’ raised ribs. Besides, these tires need to be wide, and hence your ATV will have improved balance when you’re on top. Also, consider optimum designation, which is best suitable for all adventures. 


Lugs are thread blocks of your tire that aid it in maintaining surface grip effectively. Sometimes they are referred to as treads, tread lugs, and even tread blocks. Getting the ideal ATV snow tire isn’t a simple job; therefore, it is wise to do your due diligence to get your perfect match. Not to worry, we have the best review on ATV snow tires on this street. 

Tread Patterns

Specific directional shaped tires are perfect for stubborn and arduous conditions. It is these tread patterns that aid in extracting water, which accumulates on ATV tires. Hence, they focus on getting ideal dry surface contact; therefore, it will be lessened slippery in the snow. 

Tread Depth

It’s the grooves’ vertical measurements of a tire. Such measurements should be considered since it is positively correlated to how durable your tires will be. Deeper treads can be generally found in larger tires that have thicker rubbers hence increased detriments. For snowy rides, heavily built tires are best to have.

Tire Types

Regarding this beasty cool review guide, we’re going to focus on various tire types dependent on different terrain performances, mostly on wintery conditions. Primary ATV tires can do well on any off-track trails and function well in other seasons.

That was just a heads up on not our focus to enlighten you on usual tires; hence you don’t purchase them thinking they’re snowy tires. Mud and all-terrain tires vary in aggressiveness, with the former being highly aggressive. Here aggressivity implies more penetrative and more extended lugs as well as 2″ tread depth. Lugs are customarily spaced out to have mud fall off, making it self- cleansing systematics. 

All-terrain purpose tires are not very aggressive because they’d affect traversing calmer surfaces. Thus they possess lesser tread depth and more grips. Back to the main discussion, snow ATV tires possess both trail and mud tires because they need to be very durable against icy and notorious surfaces yet still manage to churn via softer snow. Thereof they have short lugs yet more enormous internal spaciousness between them.   

Before we continue on to our list of best tires, check out our guide on how to find the best tire sealant if you have a flat tire.

Which are the Top 6 Best ATV tires for snow?

That said, here are the best beastly snowy ATV tires in the market. You can’t afford to miss this review part. Shall we proceed?

1. Bear Claw k299 Kenda

Bear Claw k299 Kenda

As the name suggests, BEAR CLAW, you can never go wrong with these top best ATV tires for snow. It is noteworthy that the price for this is just for one, so you’ll need to purchase others. Its rim is not included, too, so you need to purchase it separately.

This tubeless Kenda utilizes angled knobs to yield better grips on the terrains you’re on. Thus you will move swiftly, isn’t that what you want? Angled knobs in unison with middle centered lugs permit maximized traction, which keeps your ATV and you safely on the trails.

Regarding safety, its tires possess rim guards that are inbuilt; hence your wheels aren’t detente or scratched by any environmental conditions that you can encounter. These tires are usually designated with lengthy hauls and tread compounds intended to take riding a notch higher. Besides, no other tire can do that and still boast a loading capacity of 340lbs.  


  • It only consists of the tire solely.
  • Has angled knobs that can dig into naughty terrains to get maximum traction.
  • Possesses six-ply extra tough rated casing to preempt punctures. 
  • Center lugs offer better control and extra traction while the inbuilt rim safeguards the wheels from dents and dings. 
  • Lengthy tread compounds. 


  • 340 lbs loading capacities
  • The wheels are protected from dents
  • Strong traction
  • Good quality
  • Durable
  • Puncture resistant


  • You can’t use it on highways
  • Good quality implies pricey 

2. ITP Mud Lite AT Tire 24×10-11

ITP Mud Lite AT Tire 24x10-11

In regards to ATV and ITP vehicles, you will first notice the tire. Determining if the tire is well built to efficiently and sharply tackle all types of surfaces and give you ultimate comfort is vital. With this in mind, ITP Mud lite curated these tires to justify traction and durability undoubtedly.

Featuring three-quarters of lugs, they best fit most late ATV current models. These tires are curated from prolonged wear rubber that makes tires stronger and highly durable. All this is good value for your money. The manufacturers also have an inclusive warranty on these tires. 


  • Three quarter inches lugs
  • It is sizeable to use on late models


  • They’re lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Sturdy tires
  • Enhanced handling
  • Great improvements
  • Lightweight
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Good on late models


  • Can wear out
  • Not versatile 

3. Sunf Power I ATV/UTV All-Terrain Tire

sunf set of 4 tires

This sunf tire for all-terrain purposes is well manufactured to cater to your snowy trails. Its front is basically 26×9-12, while its rear is usually 26×11-12. Therefore the two fronts are small-sized while the other two on the rear are bigger slightly.

Sunf’s angled directional knobs aim to improve tires’ performance in various conditions like rock, dirt, dessert, and snow. You can rely on it because it’s strong and durable. You won’t believe its outstanding aspect. It is highly versatile for any type of vehicle, inclusive of Lawn Mowers, Golf Carts, Go Karts, UTVs, and of course, ATVs. Where do you get this?

Besides, the six plying rates with the ultimate resistance to dents and puncture is a reasonable consideration in the Sunf tires. Its tires’ lugs are in-depth and huge, allowing you to control and acquire additional traction on the road with little to nil skidding possibilities. Excess inner wall knobs protect it from any possible damage.  


  • The front size feature 26×9-12 while the rear Size feature: 26×11-12 |
  • The rim diameter is 12″ on the rear and 12″ on the front 
  • The angled knobby treads designations work in all types of trails.
  • You can use it on various weather and climatic conditions and applications too.


  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Good traction
  • Cheap in price
  • It works on all terrains.
  • Safeguarding rims protect the tires.


  • They are not very good in weather conditions like heavy mud
  • The rims are not inclusive in them. 

 4. Complete Set Of 4 All Terrain ATV

Complete Set Of 4 All Terrain ATV

Moving on swiftly and hoping you’re enjoying, the next on the list is the Complete 4 ALL ATV terrain. The Complete set, unlike other tires on the list, comes as a bundle.

Besides, these tires are typical with six-ply ratings. These tires are curated with sturdy nylon to cumber damage and puncture issues. Additionally, the lugs that are on the tires’ sides immensely safeguard it from extra damage. Not to forget, these tires have nice protective outer layers, and the immense carrying capacity of the tire makes it exceptionally good on all terrains, even snow too.

The entire set is typically 26 by 12 by 25 inches in dimensional perspectives. Since they’re all precisely sized and heavy, they are steady and control the ride well. Imagine yourself in these impressive big right tires. You can magically run well over anything when they’re hooked to your ATV. What more could an ATV enthusiast ask for?


  • Full set wheels. 
  • These tubeless tires are usually packed in two packages to yield complete replacement, fitment as well, as unique equipment tread designations. 
  • Can be used in various ATVs models and applications
  • Tread depth is 0.79″, 25×8.00-12 
  • (Rim Width is 6.5″, 370lbs@7psi), 25×10.00-12
  •  (Rim Width: 8″, 420lbs@7psi)


  • ​​Full set tires
  • 6 rated ply in unison with sturdy nylon construction
  • nice traction
  • Superior handling


  • You cannot purchase as a single tire
  • It is not that good with heavy deep snowy conditions

5. FOUR 26×9-12 26×11-12 KT MASSFX Big TIRE SET

FOUR 26x9-12 26x11-12 KT MASSFX Big TIRE SET

As we near finalization, we have the four MASSFX Big sets that are curated from top-notch materials from MASSFx Company. What’s fascinating about them is that they have prolonged warranty periods. These tires possess several directional threads as well as bit lugs that exceptionally offer good traction.

Handling and controlling are also guaranteed with these tires when you are riding. With a six-ply rating, you can understandably have it on any terrain, even on deep snow condition terrains. Customers adore this tire because the manufacturers utterly focused on the tires’ sidewalls.

This was aimed at upping resistance as well as making it unmatched in regards to puncture curbing. ATV enthusiasts can trust it to carry sufficient air for a prolonged time. Whenever, however, and wherever you can ride on them wholly confident to safeguard you and the drive. Besides, its pressure handling capacity is sufficiently satiating.  


  • All brand new and unique MASSFX tire “Side Bites” tread pattern.
  • Authorized and legal seller.
  • Backed warranty 


  • ​Is inclusive of backed warranty in case of wear and tear
  • Good sidewall protection focus
  • Superior Grip
  • Several directional threads
  • Lug designation offers good braking
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Good quality


  • Heavily built tires 
  • Tends to be shaky at accelerated speeds
  • Sometimes not good with naughty mud and too heavy snow

6.Greenball Spartacus tire

Greenball Spartacus tire

Last but not least is the SPARTACUS GREEN BALL TIRE. If you know the Spartacus blood and sand series, you know why we had to include it. Made by Zeus personally, this GBC Spartacus takes its name from Spartacus, the great Thracian gladiator from Rome.

Both the tire and the gladiator correlate in all ways. First, they can both get beat yet emerge victoriously. With an eight-ply rating, its directional and radial designations increase traction in snowy terrains. Its sword-like shaped lugs possess massive cleanout areas that can dissipate sloppy and snowy terrains. GBC Spartacus possesses an inbuilt rim protector with a peculiar hot patch on both tire sides. Its thread designation makes it capable of self –cleansing.  

If you know how Spartacus performs in the arena and erotically, of course, then you can imagine all that in tires. Yes, these tires can perform superbly and last long yet at a reasonable price. Where do you get that? 


  • Model: AE142711SP
  • It is curated in the U.S 
  • Package Dimensions is 27.0″ L x 27.0″ W x 11.0″ H


  • Designated to conquer snow and challenging terrains
  • Runs well on multi surfaces
  • Looks well aesthetically
  • It is approved in regards to brute force
  • Great tires which come at reasonable pricing


  • Typical tires


Question: Are four-wheelers exceptional in snow terrains?

Answer: Yes, four-wheelers are exceptional in snow terrains, after all, that’s how they got the name ATV, meaning it’s designed for every terrain type inclusive of snow.

Question: Do the paddle tires function in the snow? 

Answer: Yes, paddle tires function in the snow, so you’d fancy staying afloat when you’re on deep snowy traction. Like driving in sand, it is vital to curb additional wheel spin. Thus wider tires that possess tread paddles that are running across threads are right in such situations. 

Question: Are tires that are narrower work well in snow? 

Answer: Narrow tires in Winter are okay in extreme conditions because they offer surface pressure against roads. They additionally work well in slush and loose snow too.  

Final say

After a thorough trial and testing, we conclusively decided that Bear Claw k299 Kenda tires are the ultimate best for snowy condition riding. With short and straightforward feature lists, you are assured of increased performance almost everywhere.

The centered lugs and angled robs function in tandem to yield traction and direction fidelity. Kenda’s tires are protective and strict courtesy of its six-ply ratings. This is additionally puncture-resistant, and the rims safeguard the entire wheels. Bear Claw possesses lengthy tread compounds; hence they are durable and carry over 340lbs load capacities. 

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