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Can-Am Defender Review: Should You Buy It?

Can-Am hasn’t been making UTVs for nearly as long as some other names you’ve likely heard of, like Polaris or Honda. However, they’ve found their groove in combining the hard-working capabilities you’ve come to expect from a UTV with the luxury you can enjoy.

In fact, no one fills this niche better than Can-Am. They produce UTVs with excellent handling and power, huge hauling and towing capacity, and so many creatures comforts that you won’t want to climb out. Some top of the line models may even rival your new pickup.

The 2020 Can-Am Defender

can am defender 2021

The newest Can-Am Defender offers so many different options that it’s nearly impossible to cover all

Can Am Defender vs Polaris Ranger: Which is The Best?

The UTV segment has a pretty wide audience. It encompasses farmers and ranchers who need a hardy work vehicle during the day but still want a fun weekend rider. It also includes an older group of people who perhaps grew out of their ATV days and have matured into something a bit more rugged and built for both work and play.

These utility vehicles are workhorses, but they can also play pretty hard, too. Hit the fields to check up on your acreage and then roll up and down the trail at night.

When you’re shopping for a UTV, you have a lot of options. Can-Am and Polaris are two of the top brands that offer plenty of models from which to choose, so we’ll take a closer look at the Defender and the Ranger to see which you might like better.

Can-Am Defender Overview

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