The Best ATV Trails in Arkansas You Can Take on Today

Best ATV Trails in Arkansas

Arkansas is one of the best states to find an ATV trail as it has a lot of countryside and huge national forests where ATVs are permitted in some parts. In my guide to the best ATV trails in Arkansas, I will outline the top trails that you can visit.

I’ll outline what the different difficult levels mean on an ATV trail, so you can find one that matches your ability. I will also answer some common ATV trail questions towards the end.

If you want a quick overview of the best ATV trails in Arkansas, check out the table below.

Trail Best for Location Size Find out more
3B Off-road and RV Park Best overall ATV trail Eureka Springs 50+ miles Find out more
Mill Creek Trail System Best for water crossings Ozarks 27 miles Find out more
Byrd’s Adventure Center Best for camping Ozarks 30 miles Find out more
Wolf Pen Gap Best ATV trail in Ouachita National Forest Ouachita National Forest 41 miles Find out more
Carter Off-road Park Best beginner ATV trail Alexander 1000 acres Find out more
Twin City ATV Park Best ATV trail with sand dunes Fort Smith 100 miles Find out more
Hillarosa ATV Park Best for mudding Blevins 2000 acres Find out more
Huckleberry Mountain Best budget ATV trail Logan County 37 miles Find out more

Selection Criteria

There are a lot of ATV trails in Arkansas, so I had to apply some criteria to the ones that made my list. Some of the things I looked for included:

  • Cost – The ATV trails on my list have various prices. This is to ensure that there is something for everyone from free trails to more expensive ones.
  • Facilities – I have included ATV trails that have camping, RV, and other facilities, in case you want to do more than drive your ATV.
  • Location – The ATV trails on my list are spread out across the state of Arkansas, so there should be one close to where you live.
  • Experience levels – I’ve also included ATV trails across different experience levels, from beginner-friendly to more advanced.

What is an ATV Trail?

An ATV trail is a vast off-road area where you can legally drive your ATV and often enjoy some unreal scenery. ATV trails can be found all over Arkansas, and I will list the top trails a little later on.

An ATV trail can encompass many different types of terrain such as sand, forests, mud, hills, and much more. One of the things to consider when choosing an ATV trail to visit is the difficulty level, and most ATV trails will advertise the recommended experience level required to use the trail.

Easy and beginner-friendly ATV trails usually don’t have any steep hills or tricky obstacles, and the trails are generally well developed and relatively safe. If you have just bought your first ATV – the Yamaha Grizzly 450 IRS is popular among beginners – this is the type of trail for you.

Intermediate and moderate ATV trails are designed for those who do have some experience with this type of off-road pursuit. The trails will have some steep hills, narrower tracks, and obstacles. While there will be pretty easy parts, certain sections of the route will require a higher level of skill.

Lastly, we have expert-level ATV trails. This type of trail should only be taken on by those who have a lot of experience with an ATV. The route will have steep hills, very narrow trails, loose surfaces, many obstacles, and you will need to rely on your ability to get you through.

Top ATV Trails in Arkansas

1. 3B Off-road and RV Park – Best overall ATV Trail

The 3B Off-road and RV Park is my pick for the best overall ATV trail as it has pretty much everything you need for an action-packed adventure.

There are over 50 miles of trails, and it is suitable for all experienced riders, from complete beginners to advanced levels. You can rent an ATV as well. The park also features facilities for RVs and camping. At the same time, it is situated only a few minutes away from the popular Eureka Springs with its array of bars, restaurants, and attractions.

Considering what you get at the 3B Off-road and RV Park, the cost is not unreasonable, and you can buy day or weekend passes for the trails.


  • Offers over 50 miles of ATV trails
  • Camping and RV facilities
  • Located close to Eureka Springs
  • Reasonable rates for day and weekend passes


  • Some of the trails could be better signposted

2. Mill Creek Trail System

If you want to try your hand at water crossings on your ATV, the Mill Creek Trail System is the pick of the bunch for this kind of activity. The trail system features 27 miles of trails that range from easy to difficult, so there is something for everyone.

The Mill Creek Trail System scenery is spectacular, with mountains, dense forests, rivers, and streams. If you want to try out an ATV trail in Arkansas without spending a lot of money, this is a good choice, too, as it is very cheap for a day pass. While there aren’t many facilities at Mill Creek, it is a beautiful and challenging ATV trail with plenty of water.


  • It offers beautiful scenery over 27 miles of trails
  • Inexpensive for a day pass
  • Offers excellent water crossings
  • Variety of difficulty levels


  • There aren’t many other facilities

3. Byrd’s Adventure Center

Another ATV trail located in the Ozarks, the Byrd’s Adventure Center is my pick if you want to camp.

There are some great camping spots, while you can also rent a cabin if you want something a bit more comfortable. The Riverfront Restaurant is on-site, where you can grab a bite to eat in between the activities on offer. The ATV trail system is 30 miles spread out over 800 acres and features a variety of terrain from hills, streams, mud, and rocks.

Overall, Byrd’s Adventure Center is a reasonably cost-effective place that offers excellent ATV trails in addition to a range of other on-site facilities.


  • Great camping spots and also offers cabins
  • Has an on-site restaurant
  • Fantastic RTV trails for all experience levels


  • Some people have found it to be noisy at night

4. Wolf Pen Gap

Wolf Pen Gap is my top choice if you want to head to the beautiful Ouachita National Forest.

Featuring over 40 miles of ATV trails that encompass a variety of terrain, including hills and rocky surfaces, this is an excellent spot to test your skills. The trails are designed for beginners and intermediate riders, so more if you are pretty experienced, you might not find the route as advanced as you would like.

However, the scenery is beautiful, and you can camp or rent a cabin or cottage if you want to stay overnight.


  • Free to use the ATV trails
  • Set in the scenic Ouachita National Forest
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate riders
  • Camping and overnight facilities


  • The routes might not suit experienced riders

5. Carter Off-road Park

Carter Off-road Park is my recommendation if you are an ATV beginner, as it offers great novice trails that will help you to get to grips with an ATV.

The trail system is set on over 1000 acres with a range of scenery while you can camp or rent a cabin. Carter Off-road Park is quite cost-effective, and you can save a lot of money by buying a yearly pass if you think you will be visiting the trail often. They also host different special events such as Poker Runs and Carter’s Dash4Cash Concerts.

Like Wolf Pen Gap, more advanced riders might not find parts of the trails challenging; however, this is perfect for beginners.


  • Excellent beginner-friendly trail system
  • Set on over 100 acres
  • They hold special ATV events
  • Open 365 days a year


  • Experienced riders might not find this a challenge

6. Twin City ATV Park

Sand dunes are fantastic fun on an ATV, and the Twin City ATV Park is the place to go for this activity.

The trail system is around 100 miles long, and you will be exposed to a range of different terrain. The ATV park is limited in terms of facilities, and even though you can camp if you wish, there is no electricity or water. However, this is a reasonable budget ATV trail that will suit all experienced levels, with the dunes being the highlight.


  • Ideal for riding on sand dunes
  • Budget ATV trail
  • Permits Horseback trail riding on weekdays


  • You can’t rent an ATV
  • Limited facilities beyond the trail

7. Hillarosa ATV Park


If you fancy mudding on your ATV, the best place to go is the Hillarosa ATV Park. Perfect for all experience levels, this ATV park is a great mud trail that also includes other terrains such as water crossings, hills, and rocks.


A downside to this ATV trail is that it is only open on certain weekends, but Hillarose is a great experience. The park has live concerts, drag racing, and food vendors, while you can also fish and camp if you wish. While the cost is a little higher compared to the other ATV trails I have included on my list, it is worth the money.

Given that this is predominately a mud trail, you will need an ATV or UTV, such as the Can Am Defender, that can handle this type of terrain.


  • Best ATV trail for mudding
  • Has live music, food vendors, and camping
  • Ideal for all levels of experience


  • The park is only open on certain weekends

8. Huckleberry Mountain

The final ATV trail on my list is Huckleberry Mountain.

This ATV trail is perfect if you are on a budget because it is free. Set in the gorgeous Lincoln National Forest, the 37-mile route takes in a variety of terrain alongside rugged mountain views and spectacular valleys.

There is a width limit of 50 inches for vehicles due to the entrance gates in some parts of the trail, while the park also has a 96dB noise limit.

You can also camp at some of the sites on the route, including Sorghum Hollow Horse Camp, The Old Walnut Tree Camp, and The Huckleberry Camp.


  • Great budget ATV trail with lots of different terrains
  • Brilliant views of the mountains and valleys
  • Various campsites on the route


  • There are some restrictions on vehicles

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions: Are ATVs Street Legal in Arkansas?

Answer: No. ATVs and UTVs are not street legal in the state of Arkansas. This means to use one legally that you need to head to an off-road trail.

Question: Can You Ride ATVs in the National Forest in Arkansas?

Answer: Yes. Certain parts of the national forests in Arkansas have ATV trails where you can legally ride the vehicle. This includes the Ozark National Forest and Ouachita National Forest.

Question: Can I Use an ATV Trail as a Beginner?

Answer: Yes. Many beginner-friendly ATV trails in Arkansas have a basic setup without steep hills or difficult obstacles and are designed for beginners. However, you should have all the basic skills first before taking on an ATV trail.

Question: Do You Need a License to Drive an ATV in Arkansas?

Answer: Yes. All ATVs need to be registered for use in Arkansas, and it is illegal to ride them on the streets. Even if you are simply using an ATV on private property, it still needs to be registered.

Question: What is the Minimum Age to Operate an ATV in Arkansas?

Answer: There is no set age to ride an ATV on private property; however, if you are using an ATV on public land, riders who are 11 years and younger require supervision from an adult.


Arkansas has a wealth of excellent ATV trails spread out across the state that offer a challenge for all experience levels.

My pick for the best ATV trail in Arkansas is 3B Off-road and RV Park. This ATV trail has everything from beginner-friendly to challenging trails, TV, and camping facilities, and you are only a few minutes away from the popular Eureka Springs.

This ATV trail doesn’t cost the earth either, and this is why it is my recommendation if you want to find somewhere to test for ATV in Arkansas.

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